What Would Khaleesi Wear?
Daenerys Targaryen is the blood of the dragon
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Daenerys in Valyria Makeup Inspiration
When we first see the future Khaleesi, she’s sporting creamy skin, rosy cheeks and a very natural look, as opposed to the groomed, eyelined version we see in Qarth. This translates as a perfect everyday makeup that looks effortless, tasteful and NOT like you’ve globbed on colors. Let me know how you like it!

Step 1. start with no makeup but make sure you’ve washed your face and are oil-free!

Step 2. (optional) dab on primer so that makeup will look matted and part of your skin, not sitting on top. It also helps it last longer, so that eventually, you get more bang for your buck with your makeup.

Step 3. Use a foundation brush (I got mine at dollar store!) to brush up foundation on your face. This makes it look creamy and even-toned.

Step 4. In circular motions, use a brush or your fingers to dab blush on the apples of your cheek. It should be a lighter color than your skin tone and lips for that rosy effect.

Step 5. Use a nude colored lipstick underneath a small dab of rosy lipstick to make your lips look naturally pink.

Step 6. on the lower lids ONLY, use eyeliner about the same color as your eyebrows (meaning, if you’re blonde, don’t be using black eyeliner!! use a medium brown.) dab at it to blur the effect, and draw on less closer to the nose.

Step 7. “set” the eyeliner by dabbing brown eyeshadow on top. this makes sure the eyeliner doesn’t wear off as quickly AND it makes your entire eye look deep-set and wider without giving a fake, caked on appearance. brush outwards toward the temples to accentuate this doe-eye look.

Step 8. (optional) eye primer before you put any eyeshadow on your upper lids! again, this will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to reapply in the same day (if you’re going to some event)

Step 9. use a defining eye brush (again, dollar store!) to add light, white/purple/or silver eyeshadow to the inner creases of the upper and lower lids.

Step 10. Use a brown, the same color eyeshadow that you used to set eyeliner, to line the crease of your upper lid. This creates the illusion of wider eyes (especially if you’re me and your eyes don’t photograph well at allll)

Step 11. blend a medium brownish pink on the rest of your upper eyelid. Any more color than that and it will start to look less natural.

Step 12. Enjoy the finished look! A youthful, fresh face that accentuates your features without overdoing the “caked-on” makeup, right?

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